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As you may have noticed, or not, I haven’t been keeping up with this blog.  It’s somewhat time consuming to write these posts and I don’t always have enough to say to justify a post.  I created a account so I can post a few things.  140 characters seems about right.  You can follow me at

Thanks for stopping by.


I stumbled across this song recently on YouTube and played it for my kids.  They loved it!  Now they want to see the video everyday or at least have Dad sing the verses I can remember.  They especially like to say "You don't know anything about animals."  It's by who also has some other pretty good tunes.  Check it out.


Teach Kids Soccer - Part 2

I've gotten quite a few e-mails from people about my "How to teach toddlers soccer" post. I'm actually just happy that someone reads this stuff let alone takes the time to write me an e-mail. Thanks to all of you. I don't have enough additional wisdom to make another top 10 list but, here's a couple other things I have learned from last season.

At age 4 size doesn't seem to matter. I saw big kids afraid to play and little kids that were fearless. I had one kid that was probably the biggest that only played in one game. No coaxing or reward seemed to make a difference. All the "excitement" is just too much for some kids.

Parents, don't pressure your kids into playing too much. If they aren't ready, they aren't ready. Encouragement is good, ultimatums not so much.

Teaching kids to not put their hands on the ball is easier than teaching them to not put their hands on other kids. Some kids get a little too zealous, pushing and shoving, trying to get to the ball.

Also, parents the best advice for you. RELAAAAAAAX. It's just a game.

Good luck.


Kids Eat Free in Austin TX - Updated

Here's a quick guide to free meals for kids at Austin restaurants.

Resturant Days Time
Bennigan's Tuesday After 4 pm
Central Market Cafe Monday/Tuesday All Day
Chick-fil-A Tuesday After 5pm
Denny's Tuesday/Saturday After 4pm
EZ's Wednesday After 5pm
Wednesday All Day
Hangtown Grill Monday After 4pm
Jason's Deli Wednesday After 5pm
Kerbey Lane Cafe Tuesday All Day
La Salsa Monday-Thursday After 4pm
Mama Fu's Everyday All Day
McCallister's Deli Everyday After 5pm
Nuevo Leon Tuesday All Day
Red Robin Tuesday 3-9pm
Texadelphia Monday-Wednesday After 4pm
Tres Amigos Monday After 5pm
Zuzu Everyday After 6pm


Siblings Without Rivalry

I recently took a series of classes that were taught using this book.  The class was great but, you can also get a lot just from reading the book.  The ideas presented have been very helpful in reducing the frequency and duration of fighting between my 4 and 2 1/2 year olds.  One of the basic concepts is to allow the children to solve their own problems (sometimes with a little help from parent's) instead of jumping in and solving the problems for them.  It takes a while but, eventually they catch on and learn they can't come running to Dad every time they have a dispute.

There is much more in the book and I would encourage anyone with multiple kids to give it a read.  There are tips on dealing with "fairness", fighting, name calling, etc.  It's helpful to re-read the material from time to time as I start to slip back into old habits (It's also good if you have a spouse who will let you know).  It's available on Amazon but, you can get it cheap on .