tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-299421502008-04-30T12:31:51.735-07:00Great DadasDadaBlogger39125tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-82247481648364402202008-03-27T20:42:00.001-07:002008-03-27T20:42:52.225-07:00Kids Eat Free in Austin TX - UpdatedHere's a quick guide to free meals for kids at Austin restaurants. Resturant Days Time Bennigan's Tuesday After 4 pm Central Market Cafe Monday/Tuesday All Day Chick-fil-A Tuesday After 5pm Denny's Tuesday/Saturday After 4pm EZ'sDadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-91373375060330552982008-03-26T21:09:00.001-07:002008-03-26T21:12:19.252-07:00Siblings Without Rivalry  I recently took a series of classes that were taught using this book.  The class was great but, you can also get a lot just from reading the book.  The ideas presented have been very helpful in reducing the frequency and duration of fighting between my 4 and 2 1/2 year olds.  One of the basic concepts is to allow the children to solve their own problems (sometimes with a little help from Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-34640027610731641012008-02-05T21:02:00.000-08:002008-02-05T21:07:24.167-08:00Spring Soccer in AustinSpring Soccer is starting up at the Dittmar Recreation Center in Austin. I'm going to coach 4 year olds again. There appears to be a good turn out as for now we have 15 kids on our team. There still may be time to signup but, you'll need to act fast. That many kids should make practice interesting. I may have to cut the drill explanation time down to 10 seconds from 15 to keep their Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-3778473438113288992008-01-02T00:48:00.000-08:002008-01-02T01:56:10.264-08:00One Year Old Hates Milk - Update Ah, believe it or not the milk thing appears to be a phase. My one year old used to hate milk, and simply would not touch it. Around age 2 she began to drink it occasionally and now at age 2 1/2 is a full fledged milk drinker. We've even expanded to chocolate milk and vanilla milk occasionally. One not apparently vanilla milk has more sugar for some reason. I think one factor that aided in Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-29434747997319768972007-12-07T13:13:00.000-08:002007-12-07T13:31:26.524-08:00How to teach toddler's to play soccerWell, we made it through a season of soccer. Our team was for 4 year olds but, we had 3 1/2 year olds up to kids turning 5 in a couple months. Age seems to make a BIG difference in understanding the game. I've compiled a short list of tip for any budding soccer coach. 1.) You can't teach kids under 5 to play soccer. You can teach them a game played with a soccer ball where they travel in a Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-74311830745814975682007-11-06T20:17:00.000-08:002008-01-04T13:11:22.554-08:00Kids Eat Free in Austin TXHere's a short list I compiled on resturants in Austin, Texas where kids's eat free. ResturantDaysTimeBennigan'sTuesdayAfter pmCentral Market CafeMonday/TuesdayAll DayChick-fil-ATuesdayAfter 5pmDenny'sTuesday/SaturdayAfter 4pmEZ'sWednesdayAfter 5pmGattiTownWednesdayAll DayHangtown GrillMondayAfter 4pmJason's DeliWednesdayAfter 5pmKerbey Lane CafeTuesdayAll DayLa SalsaMonday-ThursdayAfter 4pmRed Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-70556982004442482602007-10-04T21:02:00.000-07:002007-10-04T21:08:22.470-07:00Coaching Kids SoccerThat's right I'm coaching soccer. They are 3 and 4 year old so I'm not sure coaching is the right word. More like hearding cats. We had our first practice last week and it went better than expected. The kids were very enthusiastic and wanting to play whatever it is they think soccer is. One kid described soccer the best "We run and kick the ball in to the goal and shout GOOOOAAAAAAL!" Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-29662292053405540782007-09-10T13:19:00.000-07:002007-09-10T13:21:09.955-07:00Kids and MoneyHere's an article I came across on teaching kids the value of money. Seems like a good idea.Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-31290776308722742602007-08-09T06:11:00.000-07:002007-08-09T06:12:27.129-07:00What not to use as a pacifierSo I was holding Axel trying to get him to settle down. I tried using a pacifier but, he was having none of it. Then I tried using my finger as a pacifier and he got more upset. So as I have him cradled in my arms he's looking for something to nurse on he finds my bicep. Now he settles down and is quite content and eventually falls asleep. I'm thinking wow that's great! Then as I put him Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-72915391391853447492007-07-25T14:01:00.000-07:002007-07-25T14:10:23.169-07:00Baby #3 I haven't posted in a while because I've been a little busy. Our son was born on July 16th and is doing great! I'm getting back into the swing of having a newborn again and remembering all things to do. I seem to have forgotten about the whole "fountain" issue with changing boys diapers and have been peed on twice already. Live and learn.... again. Now, I just need to figure out how to Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-68674333195674725402007-05-16T14:27:00.000-07:002007-05-16T14:48:16.758-07:00DadLabs.com I came across this cool site with great resources for Dad's, especially new ones. Lots of good videos on potty training, diapers, tantrums, parenting and dealing with newborns. Check out their tips for newborn baby videos. I wish I had done one of those, very cool. Oh well, maybe next time....Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-28823342744845833282007-04-28T22:01:00.000-07:002007-04-28T22:05:04.587-07:00Will Ferrell and the LandlordThe landlord If you haven't seen this video yet check it out. The two year old just cracks me up. I heard that the girl was not a potty mouth in real life but, can just repeat anything. I might get my daughter to do something like this but, unfortunately she has developed long term memory.Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-19500014295847098792007-04-24T14:41:00.000-07:002007-04-24T14:51:21.070-07:00Talking well at 22 monthsI am constantly amazed at how well my daughter is talking. She seems to talk a lot more than most 2 (even 3) year olds I've encountered. She's not even 2 yet and sings about a dozen songs (twinkle twinkle, pop goes the weasel, wheels on the bus, etc.) She even makes up her own lyrics "The daddies on the bus go woo woo woo". I'm curious if this is common at all especially with a second childDadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-54550829444191757762007-04-24T14:38:00.000-07:002007-04-24T14:40:08.645-07:00Jay Jay the Jet Plane LyricsSo now my kids seem to be into Jay Jay the Jet Plane and friends. Although they both seem to like Snuffy and Tracy better than Jay Jay for some reason. They enjoy the songs but, want my wife and I to sing them at bedtime. I found a link to the lyrics for all those interested http://pbskids.org/jayjay/care.singalong.html EnjoyDadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-58330969122883620482007-03-21T14:12:00.000-07:002007-03-21T14:17:40.577-07:00To spank or not to spankI came across this article which got me thinking. We currently don't spank our kids but, I wondered under what circumstances it might be acceptable. My only thought is if they did something "very dangerous" like lighting matches by the gas line, throwing knives, hanging on to our neighbors car bumper to go for a little ride, etc.. that I "might" and thats a BIG might give them a smack on the Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-62405361624323412312007-03-20T09:57:00.000-07:002007-03-20T10:15:09.122-07:00New member of the mini-van clubOk, we were happy with our Honda CR-V but, with baby #3 on they way we came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to be practical to put 3 kids with car seats in the back seat. The baby would have most likely been put in the middle and become a prime target from both sides. Our kids are generally good but, I could see baby #3 becoming something to poke at from time to time. We looked around Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-6249605536928547982007-02-26T12:32:00.000-08:002007-02-26T12:40:46.536-08:00Birthday Party IdeasOur son just had his 3rd birthday on Sunday. We went through a lot of ideas before we settled on just getting a bounce house. We found this place in Austin that was fairly reasonable. Here are some other ideas we didn't go with but, may work for you. 1.) Austin Children's Museum. We've been to a couple parties there. They give you a private room to host the party then you have access to Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-20519240619723255322007-02-10T20:43:00.000-08:002007-02-10T20:42:33.809-08:00Sleep RulesWe've recently started using "sleep rules" with our 3 year old. We were having trouble getting him to go to bed. It hadn't been a problem in the past but, was getting worse and worse. He would sometimes stay up until 10 chatting away (we put him to bed at 8). If he follows the rules he gets a lifesaver in the morning as a reward. Not a huge deal but, it seems to motivate him to follow them.Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-79788705912928856192007-02-06T14:29:00.000-08:002007-02-06T14:36:40.172-08:00Toddler WhispererDon't get all excited. This isn't going to be a post about how to understand what's going on in your toddlers head and helping him deal with his inner elmo or whatever it is. I, well actually my wife, discovered recently that the quieter we ask questions the more likely we are to get a good answer. I first came to the realization asking my son what he wanted for breakfast. In a normal voice IDadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-29951963928480327652007-02-01T20:57:00.000-08:002007-02-01T21:02:26.125-08:00Crazy DaughterIt's been a litle while since I've posted. This may be because the kids have been keeping us pretty busy. My daughter now 18months seems to be a little boy crazy. I'm pretty sure it's harmless at this age but, she seems to want to kiss older boys (3 yrs). There is one boy in particular in a playgroup she is interested in. She's always wanting to give him hugs and stand on here tippy toes to Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-39503477677269370682006-11-17T08:01:00.000-08:002006-11-17T08:03:00.023-08:00Going on a road tripWe'll this should be fun. It's a 14 hour drive up to Kansas City to see my family. We are going to attempt to leave around their bedtime and see if they will sleep most of the way. What is the likelyhood of that??? stay tuned...Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-5081851162052121722006-10-07T13:49:00.000-07:002006-10-07T14:34:31.278-07:00English is confusing for toddlersMy son has recently started verbalizing opposites but, unfortunately not all of them work with common phrases. Examples: Settle Down .... Settle Up November ... Yes-vember Quiet Down ... Loud Up That's Right ... That's Left Isn't english fun...Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-1159912680539698822006-10-03T14:55:00.000-07:002006-10-03T14:58:00.560-07:00Smart kid saves DadFound this story about a 5 year old who saves his Dad's life. Going to start teaching my kids how to use a cellphone and use the controls in a car. Hum..., maybe that's not such a good idea.Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-1159045715865954542006-09-23T14:03:00.000-07:002006-09-23T14:08:35.866-07:00Kids talking with an Australian AccentI'm not sure if it's just our kids or this is just a cycle some kids go through. My son went though a period where everyone thought he was talking like and Aussie. Where you could tell the most would be when he would say Haaaiii, My Name is Brock. The Hi was very deep and drawn out and well as Brock. Now my daugther seems to have entered this phase but, she is a little more authentic. She Dadatag:blogger.com,1999:blog-29942150.post-1158867874939366542006-09-21T12:37:00.000-07:002006-09-21T12:44:35.890-07:00Running with the kidsIt seems I never have much time for exercise on my own. I can usually get in a bike ride on Saturday Mornings with Groupo VOP and an occasional run in the evenings. I've started running with the kids in the mornings before I go to work. I break out the double-wide and usually just do a couple miles in the neighborhood or go to Town Lake. The kids love the ride and are good training partners Dada