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Siblings Without Rivalry

I recently took a series of classes that were taught using this book.  The class was great but, you can also get a lot just from reading the book.  The ideas presented have been very helpful in reducing the frequency and duration of fighting between my 4 and 2 1/2 year olds.  One of the basic concepts is to allow the children to solve their own problems (sometimes with a little help from parent's) instead of jumping in and solving the problems for them.  It takes a while but, eventually they catch on and learn they can't come running to Dad every time they have a dispute.

There is much more in the book and I would encourage anyone with multiple kids to give it a read.  There are tips on dealing with "fairness", fighting, name calling, etc.  It's helpful to re-read the material from time to time as I start to slip back into old habits (It's also good if you have a spouse who will let you know).  It's available on Amazon but, you can get it cheap on .