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Will Ferrell and the Landlord

The landlord

If you haven't seen this video yet check it out. The two year old just cracks me up. I heard that the girl was not a potty mouth in real life but, can just repeat anything. I might get my daughter to do something like this but, unfortunately she has developed long term memory.


Talking well at 22 months

I am constantly amazed at how well my daughter is talking. She seems to talk a lot more than most 2 (even 3) year olds I've encountered. She's not even 2 yet and sings about a dozen songs (twinkle twinkle, pop goes the weasel, wheels on the bus, etc.) She even makes up her own lyrics "The daddies on the bus go woo woo woo". I'm curious if this is common at all especially with a second child. I was floored this morning when she asked to "look at pictures of monorails on daddy's computer". What???? I guess that is what google images is for. I suppose talking is a good thing but, how do I teach a 2 year old that we don't greet people and let them know we have a vagina all in the same sentence? Argh...

Jay Jay the Jet Plane Lyrics

So now my kids seem to be into Jay Jay the Jet Plane and friends. Although they both seem to like Snuffy and Tracy better than Jay Jay for some reason. They enjoy the songs but, want my wife and I to sing them at bedtime. I found a link to the lyrics for all those interested http://pbskids.org/jayjay/care.singalong.html