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Birthday Party Ideas

Our son just had his 3rd birthday on Sunday. We went through a lot of ideas before we settled on just getting a bounce house. We found this place in Austin that was fairly reasonable. Here are some other ideas we didn't go with but, may work for you.

1.) Austin Children's Museum . We've been to a couple parties there. They give you a private room to host the party then you have access to the entire museum after.
2.) Gymboree . We did our son's party there a year ago. Very easy. They take care of everthing. Just bring a cake and snacks.
3.) Gattitown. We've been to a part there. Again very easy and plenty of games for the kids.
4.) My Gym . They do a mini-class and kids can play on all the stuff.
5.) Dave & Busters. Probably for older kids. Lots of games to play.

The main advantage of having the party somewhere else besides your house is you don't have to cleanup before OR after


Sleep Rules

We've recently started using "sleep rules" with our 3 year old. We were having trouble getting him to go to bed. It hadn't been a problem in the past but, was getting worse and worse. He would sometimes stay up until 10 chatting away (we put him to bed at 8).

If he follows the rules he gets a lifesaver in the morning as a reward. Not a huge deal but, it seems to motivate him to follow them. They are pretty simple.

1.) Lie in bed
2.) Be quite
3.) Close your eyes and go to sleep.

So far so good. We are on 7 days in a row without problems. He also gets to put a star on a simple chart we made in the morning.


Toddler Whisperer

Don't get all excited. This isn't going to be a post about how to understand what's going on in your toddlers head and helping him deal with his inner elmo or whatever it is. I, well actually my wife, discovered recently that the quieter we ask questions the more likely we are to get a good answer.

I first came to the realization asking my son what he wanted for breakfast. In a normal voice I asked "do you want cereal?" "do you want pancakes?" "do you want fried worms?". No response. Then almost whispering I asked if he wanted cereal. Amazingly he quickly replied in an equally quite voice "yes, I would" and he got in his chair to eat.

We've been doing it for a few weeks now and it seems to work great.


Crazy Daughter

It's been a litle while since I've posted. This may be because the kids have been keeping us pretty busy. My daughter now 18months seems to be a little boy crazy. I'm pretty sure it's harmless at this age but, she seems to want to kiss older boys (3 yrs). There is one boy in particular in a playgroup she is interested in. She's always wanting to give him hugs and stand on here tippy toes to give him a kiss. I think I may have to nip this in the bud! How do you ask a 3 yr old what his intentions are??? Anyone else have similiar experiences?

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