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New member of the mini-van club

Ok, we were happy with our Honda CR-V but, with baby #3 on they way we came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to be practical to put 3 kids with car seats in the back seat. The baby would have most likely been put in the middle and become a prime target from both sides. Our kids are generally good but, I could see baby #3 becoming something to poke at from time to time.

We looked around at larger SUV's but, they were poor on gas mileage and hard to get to the 3rd row seat to buckle a kid in. If our kids were older and at least one out of a car seat we would have probably gone with one of those.

Seeing as a mini-van was inevitable we checked a lot of them out. Consumer Reports was helpful as well as Edmunds . We narrowed it down to the Sienna, Odyssey and the Quest. We liked the Sienna it had good features but, was a little pricey. We really wanted to like the Quest as it had the coolest features (3 sun roofs, bluetooth, stadium seating) but, it was the most impractical mini-van (seats hard to fold down, hard to get to the 3rd row, small storage, etc).

So we decided to go for the Honda Odyssey based on friends recommendations and the overall kid friendliness of the car. The seats are easy to fold and move around. It actually seats 8 with a stowable "jump" seat. The DVD is easy to use and the player is in front where we can get to it. It's easy to drive and get the kids in and out.

So far we are pretty happy.


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