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Crazy Daughter

It's been a litle while since I've posted. This may be because the kids have been keeping us pretty busy. My daughter now 18months seems to be a little boy crazy. I'm pretty sure it's harmless at this age but, she seems to want to kiss older boys (3 yrs). There is one boy in particular in a playgroup she is interested in. She's always wanting to give him hugs and stand on here tippy toes to give him a kiss. I think I may have to nip this in the bud! How do you ask a 3 yr old what his intentions are??? Anyone else have similiar experiences?

Please Help


Jenny! said...

My son is very affectionate on the playground, but usually with other little boys! He knocked down a little boy during a big hug, I kind of find it cute! Maybe we should betroth our children!