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Birthday Party Ideas

Our son just had his 3rd birthday on Sunday. We went through a lot of ideas before we settled on just getting a bounce house. We found this place in Austin that was fairly reasonable. Here are some other ideas we didn't go with but, may work for you.

1.) Austin Children's Museum . We've been to a couple parties there. They give you a private room to host the party then you have access to the entire museum after.
2.) Gymboree . We did our son's party there a year ago. Very easy. They take care of everthing. Just bring a cake and snacks.
3.) Gattitown. We've been to a part there. Again very easy and plenty of games for the kids.
4.) My Gym . They do a mini-class and kids can play on all the stuff.
5.) Dave & Busters. Probably for older kids. Lots of games to play.

The main advantage of having the party somewhere else besides your house is you don't have to cleanup before OR after


Jenny! said...

Those are really good ideas! My son is turning 2 tomorrow! We opt for a casual family party with food he loves, pizza, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and other kids friendly stuff!