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Kids talking with an Australian Accent

I'm not sure if it's just our kids or this is just a cycle some kids go through. My son went though a period where everyone thought he was talking like and Aussie. Where you could tell the most would be when he would say Haaaiii, My Name is Brock. The Hi was very deep and drawn out and well as Brock. Now my daugther seems to have entered this phase but, she is a little more authentic. She runs around saying "Ga-day" to everyone and the same Hi that here brother used to say. Not sure if she got it from him but, she definetly didn't get it from us. Let me know if you have a little Aussie running around.


Running with the kids

It seems I never have much time for exercise on my own. I can usually get in a bike ride on Saturday Mornings with Groupo VOP and an occasional run in the evenings. I've started running with the kids in the mornings before I go to work. I break out the double-wide and usually just do a couple miles in the neighborhood or go to Town Lake. The kids love the ride and are good training partners as my son likes to "Go Really Fast Daddy!" We have a lot of hills in our neighborhood which can be a little discouraging but, I usually can get motivated by one of my little training partners.


One year old hates milk

I haven't quite figured this out. My son drinks probably 3-4 cups of milk a day and usually ask for more before going to bed. He had no problem transitoning from breast milk to formula to cow's milk. Seems easy enough. My daughter on the other hand seems to hate the taste of milk. We've tried whole and 2% cows milk, soy milk, goat milk, mixing formula and milk in various quantities. She used to take formuala fine but, now it to the point that she wont even take that. Any thoughts on what to do?? I'm at a loss. As a substitute she eats cheese like there is no tommorow so I think she is getting enough calcium. I found this link on things to try. I'm going to adding fruit syrup to milk to see if that works.

Here is and update to the story.


Thomas and Friends Theme Song Lyrics

I looked all over the internet for these lyrics and couldn't find them. My son knows most of it by heart so I started jotting it down. Here's what I have and it should be pretty close. Enjoy.

Thomas Theme Song

They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freight
Red and green and brown and blue
They're the really useful crew!
All with different roles to play
'round Tidmouth sheds or far away
Down the hills and 'round the bends
Thomas and his friends!

Thomas! he's the cheeky one
James is vain but lots of fun
Percy! pulls the mail on time
Gordon thunders down the line
Emily! really knows her stuff
Henry! toots and huffs and puffs
Edward! likes to help and share
Toby! we'll let's say...he's square!

[repeat 1st verse]


Eclectic Nitetime music for Kids

We've put together a pretty good mix of songs that both our Kids and Us enjoy before going to bed. Here are probably the top 10:

In My Life - Johnny Cash
Answer - Sarah McLachlan
Lullabye - Billy Joel
Tea-House-Moon - Enya
Sailing - Christopher Cross
Blackbird - Jason Falkner
Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
Lasso The Moon - Art Garfunkel
Wild World - Cat Stevens
Baby Close Your Eyes - Celine Dion

give them a listen and add your favorites.