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Feeding a 1 year old

Holy crap, have you tried to let your 1 year old feed themselves. If they could come up with a large disposable feeding bubble that would be awesome. There seems to be 3 major obstacles to the use of utensils.

1.) Holding a fork or spoon with more than 2 finger tips. Although they can dip the spoon in apple sauce or yogurt only approximately 20% of the food will make it into there mouth. The rest is deposited on the floor, walls or more often their lap.

2.) Judging the amount of food to put on said fork or spoon. Usually getting more is the problem which leads to the deposit problem mentioned above. Other times they get nothing which can lead to fist pounding, whining or throwing of the utensil.

3.) Getting frustrated with the spoon or fork and resorting to the more agile baby hand for feeding. While this works great for solid foods, cheerios, chicken, bread, etc. It’s not quite as efficient with the apple sauce, spaghetti or soup.

I guess the main thing is to just stay with it, they eventually get it and can feed themselves though it seems like it takes forever. Once they do start feeding themselves you can look forward to replacing or repainting any surfaces that may have collected some "modern art".

Bon ape petit.



Mostly, my son just holds the utensil and uses his other hand to eat.