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A word on Advice

One thing about being a parent you will soon realize is that everyone is an "expert" parent and will freely offer advice. For example I took my son to Home Depot when he was about a year old. We stopped to look at ceiling fans. Side note: both my kids still love looking at ceiling fans. I'm not sure what it is about them. Anyway after letting my son know we were going to leave the ceiling fans, he got a little upset and started say "fans, fans, fans..." rather loudly. I had a snack bar on hand to settle him down. As I was giving him the snack bar an older lady told me "If you just gave him a pacifier you wouldn't need to give him food." Now I'm not sure a pacifier over food is a great idea plus I knew that my son never liked them and would most likely throw it into a a pile of lumber. So I polietly nodded, said "yeah" and went on our way not wanting to get into an argument over the merits on rubber nipples. It's much easier to ignore the advice of stangers than it is your own parents, relatives and friends. In the end it's your kid and your decision so do what you feel is right. It can be tough at times dealing with say an "in-law" that gave their kids a sip of "jim beam" to help them get to sleep. Legal Notice: this previous statment does not imply that I have in-lays that give achohol to children or that I even have in-laws. I also may believe my wife is adopted or there was a mixup at the hospital to keep my sanity. In conculsion do what you think is best not what is more diplomatic or the consensus advice of any "experts".