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Time, Time, Time

Here's some more of my thoughts on spending time with the kids. I think everyone would agree that spending as much time as possible with your kids is a good thing. The question is with a busy job, house, wife and other commitments where do I get the time. Now, I know this not work for everyone but, I have re-arrangement my schedule so that I usually get at least 1 hour with the kids in the morning. In my option this is probably the best part of the day. The kids are generally happiest when they wake up and eager to take on the day. The kids are anxious to see each other, play with toys, sing, dance and or wrestle. Generally a good time for Dad and it's usually easy to get them breakfast, dressed and ready to go. This can also be a good time for their Mom to get a little extra sleep before she takes them for the day. So my tip, spend time in the morning since is the evening they are more likely to be worn out, in a bad mood or wanting time to themselves.



That's great advice!