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First Entry - Baby is Here

Ok, having a baby can be a little crazy after running to the hospital, going through labor and then delivery. (So far not so bad for Dad) Here comes the fun stuff. What do I do with this slimely cute creature that jsut arrived? There is plenty of time to hone parenting skills. Now it's time for pure survival.

Hopefully you have some family and friends to help out immediately after delivery. You may be tempted to want to take off some time from work to spend with your new baby. Although this sounds great, alot of quality time and visiting with family. I didn't see it work out. With two sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles, etc, etc. just getting to hold the baby was an effort in negoiations. Something was always said like "Oh, no I have the baby you go clean up that diaper or make us some lunch". It's great to have the help but, my advice is to take a day or two off from work and then go back. You'll still get some baby time in the evenings after everyone else is worn out but, more importantly you can take off work after everyone is left when Mom is really going to need help. (and you to)